1. The Workday Reading: June 8, 2017 – The Work Edit by Capitol Hill Style

    […] 3) Warm or Cool: How to figure out your skin’s undertone. (Politics of Pretty) […]

  2. Staci

    Then there are olive undertones which are seldom mentioned in articles like these. Of you’re olive, it’s very hard to determine because no one talks about it. You read all these tips, they don’t fit and you have the hardest time finding a foundation match. Fyi there are olive foundations Koh gen Doh, Sishedo, and MUFE make some.

  3. Beez

    Remember women with dark skin can be cool, warm and neutral toned but don’t “burn easily.”

  4. Gemma Coleman

    Oh how clever!!
    This was a great read and definitely has helped! I had no idea

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