1. Nancy M.

    Is Politics of Pretty able to provide a reader discount to Blush Med Institute?

  2. Nancy M.

    Thanks Kara – I really enjoy your blog, and was just thinking I should make a dermatologist appointment, but Blush Med seems like more fun 🙂

  3. Blush Med Institute

    Hi Nancy! Readers of Politics of Pretty get the Friends & Family Blush Discount. You can try any of our CORE Skin Treatments for an intro rate of $59. If you love your skin “treat” ment then you can join our bSKIN beauty club!!how-it-works/c14te

  4. Kristin

    Dr. Lamba isn’t a dermatologist. She’s an anesthesiologist. So she can’t actually look at your skin and recommend anything beyond what an average facial esthetician can recommend.

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