A DIY Body Scrub Featuring Vaseline Jelly

I grew up using Vaseline Jelly for multiple treatments. First, it’s a great healing hand and foot treatment. When I have extremely dry, cracked hands, I coat them in Vaseline Jelly Original and let it soak in a pair of gloves overnight. When I’m sick with a cold, Vaseline helps vanish any flaky, dry skin on my nose. And let’s not forget it also helps protect minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Vaseline Jelly deeply moisturizes to heal dry skin and lock in moisture (it penetrates surface skin to create an intercellular occlusive barrier). I rely on Vaseline Jelly year round, but most of all during dry cold winter seasons (like the severe cold weather we’ve been dealing with now).  So it’s no surprise this post is an ode to Vaseline Jelly and all it’s moisturizing goodness.

Vaseline Jelly Healing Kit

Recently, Vaseline Jelly sent me the ultimate Healing Kit, featuring a bevy of beauty products and tools I could use with Vaseline along with a list of DIY treatment ideas. I recreated one of those recipes and today, I’m sharing with you an easy healing DIY body scrub featuring the drugstore staple. This healing body scrub recipe is an easy at-home DIY treatment that’s equal parts moisturizing and exfoliating that will slough off dead skin but still leave your skin feeling hydrated.

Vaseline Jelly Healing Body Scrub

1. Mix 2 tablespoons of Vaseline Jelly with 1 tablespoon of sea salt to create a scrub.
2. Apply to legs and rub in a circular motion to buff skin gently and help get rid of dry skin.
3. Rinse scrub off with warm water.
4. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline Jelly, which moisturizes to heal dry skin.

DIY Body Scrub

How do you like to use your Vaseline Jelly?

This post was sponsored by Vaseline Jelly through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Vaseline Jelly, all opinions are my own.