How to Make Matte Foundation Dewy

Foundations, and makeup in general, exist to beautify the face. Whether we like it or not, our faces have imperfections that we don’t want others to see. Because of this, we use foundation and makeup to hide these imperfections and do a complete 180 in how we look, our confidence, bearing and seeing ourselves.

There’s no denying that makeup plays a huge role in how we carry ourselves, whether for our daily looks or important events.

Trends over makeup evolve and repeat year by year, just like fashion. What must be popular many years ago can come back in style this year or the next, and what is popular now could lay low for a few years and then come back.

However, the continuous debate on the trends over foundation, matte or dewy, isn’t really much of a discussion or a trend, but rather a personal preference based on one’s taste and skin condition. One could prefer matte foundation over dewy or dewy over matte, while someone could prefer both.

Here we will discuss foundation, matte and dewy, and how to make your matte foundation look dewy, and vice versa. So hold on tight as we dive into the world of foundation.

Matte vs. Dewy foundation

We know the dewy foundation has been around for quite some time, but dare I say, no country has pulled off the dewy look as Korea did. With the popularity of K-pop, Korean games, Korean technology, one of the significant contributors in the Hallyu wave has got to be K-beauty.

K-beauty has popularized so many beauty trends, most notably the gradient lip shades and dewy makeup look. But how do we really achieve the dewy look with our foundation, and how do we make matte foundation look dewy?

So, matte or dewy? Let’s first get down to the basics.

What is a matte foundation?

A matte foundation, or a matte finish, often appears non-reflective and non-shiny. It is somewhat powdery, velvety, can appear air-brushed, and does not reflect light on your skin. Matte finish is popular among people looking for a fuller and greater coverage as matte finishes provide excellent coverage for many hard to conceal skin troubles like pimples, redness, or pores.

On the other hand, the dewy foundation contains natural oils and humectants to make the skin appear glowing and shiny. A dewy foundation helps make the skin look youthful, radiant, and moisturized, and often dewy finish reflects light on your skin.

Pros and cons

Matte and dewy foundation are both great kinds of foundation on the face. Still, depending on your personal preference and your skin type, you would undoubtedly prefer one over the other, as in the following cases:

Appearance and texture

This all boils down to personal preference, but people who want to try on and like a hydrating and shiny skin prefer dewy over matter foundation. Your skin will appear healthier and more moisturized rather than with a matte foundation.

On the other hand, Matte foundations are for those who do not want light reflecting off their face and would rather have a cleaner, more powdery appearance.

The cons, however, is that too much of both will make your skin look like you dabbled a bottle of moisturizer or dewy finish and can appear dry and flaky for those with dry skin types for those who use a matte finish.


Dewy foundation tends not to last throughout the day, so you would need to re-apply the makeup as required to ensure your face is still in tip-top shape. On the other hand, most matte formulas are long-lasting.


Both foundations do what foundations do best, provide coverage. However, matte foundations have better and fuller coverage than dewy ones to cover most skin troubles. Meanwhile, despite doing their job to make the clear look flawless and shiny, dewy foundations can be troublesome for those with breakouts as they can sometimes enhance their existence at the same time. Matte finishes can also enhance fine lines and wrinkles.

How to make a matte foundation look dewy

So, if you’ve been a matte enthusiast for the longest time and wanted to try out the dewy finish but didn’t want to waste too much money for a new foundation you may not like, don’t fret. There are ways on how to achieve a dewy foundation look with your current matte foundation. Not everyone can have the right products immediately, so we thought, why not use matte foundation to make our skin dewy? Sounds confusing? Here’s how.

Adding oil

As we’ve previously explained, the components of dewy foundations include natural oils. So what better way to make your matte foundation look dewy than by adding some oil to it?

Grab one of your face oils, and include a few drops onto your matte foundation before application to make your matte turn dewy. This trick helps the matte foundation glide easily onto the skin and especially helps those with dry skin.

Matte foundations are generally difficult to blend as they tend to dry quickly, so adding a few drops on face oil will help you create a more even complexion. You can even consider not using a primer with this trick.

Adding face illuminators

As its name suggests, face illuminators can be your go-to product to mix with your matte foundation for that dewy finish. However, some face illuminators tend to have a heavier texture, making it harder to mix with foundation, so it’s best to find an illuminator as liquid as possible.

Mix your illuminator and foundation until you get your desired consistency. However, do remember the illuminators can be highly pigmented, so adding too much of them can make your face look way too glowy than you originally planned, so try adding a little at a time, and then adjust depending on how glowy you want your skin to look.

Apply dewy setting sprays

Finding it hard to mix and match products and achieve desired consistencies? Then dewy spetting sprays are for you.

With a dewy setting spray, you can apply your matte foundation as you usually would and then just spray a dewy setting spray after you’re done with your makeup routine. The advantage of dewy setting sprays is that they’re easy to put on and easy to control. If you want a full dewy look, you can apply them all over your face. But if you want only a specific part of your face to look dewy, like a highlighter, then you can spray the product on the desired area only.

Use dewy primers

Primers are products that help create a smooth canvas before you apply your foundation. They fill tiny creases, pores, patchy flakes, and textures to make sure your foundation glides over smoothly and evenly over your skin.

You can opt to use dewy primers before applying your matte foundation to make your skin look dewy. Apply them as you usually would, and you’d find yourself having shinier skin than you would when you use a regular primer.