I Applied to the Sephora Squad and Need Your Help!

I would be remiss to start this blog post without acknowledging the nationwide emergency we are facing with COVID-19, or Coronavirus. The world feels pretty scary right now.

Watching the news is important to me but it also makes me so much more anxious. I have to consume it in small doses or I’ll just fall down a rabbit hole of worry and fear. The uncertainty of this pandemic is the most frightening part for me right now.

We’ve been told at my full-time job to work from home for the next two weeks. I’m very lucky to be able to have that ability to work remote without having to use paid time off. I know for others that’s not the case.

My husband does not have the luxury to work remote. He works for a local news station and now more than ever, he’s playing a huge role in communicating information about this virus.

Since he is a freelance editor, he can’t afford to get sick and miss work or he won’t get paid. I’ve been practicing social distancing as much as possible because if I can limit my exposure that will help him.

Being home alone for an extended period of time is nothing new and to be honest, I enjoy my alone time, at least right now. Online shopping has been my friend. I’ve been watching Twighlight movies on repeat. I just finished reading You Are Not Alone and next on my list is American Royals. Cleaning and organizing has kept me busy and it has helped with easing my anxiety.

Anyways, that’s just a glimpse into my life right now.

I hope you are stay healthy and safe.  I hope you continue to maintain social distance and check on your friends and loved ones. Be kind to one another.

Now, on a more positive note.

I need your help with my Sephora Squad application.

I recently submitted my application for the Sephora Squad. The Sephora Squad is a team of beauty influencers who are chosen to represent Sephora throughout the year. A partnership like this would allow me to work with a huge beauty retailer and more beauty trends and products with my readers.

I’ve always said here that I am not a professional makeup artist, far from it actually. I’m not a biochemist that has studied ingredients or anything special. I am just a regular beauty product junkie looking for the best everyday makeup and skincare products to share with readers based on their budget and lifestyle.

I think I can offer a different perspective if I am selected for the program. Unlike a lot of the beauty YouTubers and bloggers they worked with last year (nothing against them, they all produce great content), I want to provide an outlet for those who are not the most makeup and skincare savvy. Beauty can be incredibly intimidating for those who don’t spend a lot of time keeping up with the latest trends or products. I’ve always lived by the “less is more” beauty mantra and I still very much plan to take that approach if I’m chosen.

I had to answer a fairly long questionnaire about my blog, my readers and my relationship with beauty. Sephora also asks for testimonials from readers… this is where you come in!

If I have ever…

  • Inspired you to purchase a product I shared on my blog or on social media
  • Taught you a beauty application tip or trick
  • Make you feel like your own beauty expert
  • Or maybe you just love following me!

…Then please submit a testimonial and share your anecdotes here. Sharing why you love reading my blog and what you’ve learned from it will help my application immensely!

The more testimonials I receive, the higher the chances of me making it through to the next round!

Sephora says the number of followers an applicant has doesn’t matter but I’m not sure if I truly believe that. I actually applied to the same program last year; however, I waited until the very end and didn’t get as many testimonials as I was hoping for. I want this year to be different. Partnering with Sephora would be a dream collaboration and I hope you’ll support me!

Submitting a testimonial doesn’t cost you anything! It doesn’t have to be super long, just an authentic review that comes from your heart as to why you think I deserve to be in this program.

If you do submit a testimonial, then let me know so I can personally thank you! I really appreciate you supporting this side hustle of mine!

Sephora Squad Application