A Restock Guide to Glossier Skincare & Makeup

A guide to the shelf life for all Glossier Skincare and Makeup

A restock guide to Glossier skincare and makeup favorites via Politics of Pretty

If you think my life revolves around Glossier then you’re probably right. I don’t mind it either! I absolutely love and adore this brand and it’s always at the top of my list when readers reach out for product recommendations.

I get this question often when I review Glossier products: how long does [Glossier X product] usually last before you need to restock?

I thought it would be helpful to provide a quick list of all the Glossier products I’ve purchased and repurchased based on two pieces of criteria: frequency of use and hitting empty.

A couple things to keep in mind:

—There are several Glossier skincare and makeup products that I use daily and others not as often.

—Not every product from Glossier is included in this list. There are some products I have no need to restock on and I have no idea when it will be time to do so (i.e. Brow Flick, Colorslide, Generation G, Lidstar, to name a few)

—This post is not a product review so if you’re looking for my honest thoughts on Glossier skincare and makeup, check out this post.

1 Year+

Cloud Paint (Puff is the only shade I consistently use several days a week and this lasted me at least one year before I needed to restock)

Stretch Concealer

Balm Dotcom



Zit Stick

Lip Gloss

Haloscope (To date, I have restocked once and yes, it really lasted me a year!)

Bubblewrap (I’ve been using this for five months straight and I have not needed to restock… yet!)

4-6 Months

Priming Moisturizer (I don’t use this every day so it depends on how often and how much.)

Priming Moisturizer Rich

Perfecting Skin Tint (I use this often and I’ve restocked twice around the 6-8 month mark)

Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream

Glossier skincare essentials


3 Months

Milky Jelly Cleanser (I use this every day so I find myself restocking every 3-4 months)

Boy Brow (I’ve restocked the most on Boy Brow and typically find myself doing it every 3 months because I use it daily)

Invisible Shield (I used this once or twice a day and it lasted exactly one full summer season)

Super Bounce (thank god they reformulated and increased the size for the same price)

Lash Slick (Regardless if you decide to use this every day, it’s always good to replace your mascara every 3-4 months)

A restock guide to #Glossier skincare and makeup via Politics of Pretty

1-2 Months

Milky Oil (3.4 fl oz just doesn’t last very long. I used this daily and was down to the last drop almost one month later. I did not restock because of how expensive it is. I can buy a 12 fl oz. tube of Micellar Water and it lasts double the amount of time and costs only $7)

Body Hero Daily Oily Wash (1-2 pumps every single day will run out very quickly; however, I try not to use this as often because I want this to last more than one month since it’s $18!)

I hope this Glossier skincare and makeup restock guide is helpful! I want to make sure you get the most from your money and how long a product last is definitely a big factor!

As always, you can shop Glossier products using my affiliate link here (disclosure: I do make a small commission when you make a purchase). Thank you for supporting this little blog of mine!