How I’m Prepping for the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

How to prep for the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Last year I basically went broke after shopping the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Was it worth it? Yes, yes it was. My bank account eventually recovered. Every item I bought during the sale, whether it was beauty products, apparel, shoes, etc., quickly became staples in my day to day.  Literally, it’s the best sale of the year. It’s like Christmas in July.

However, when I look back on my shopping strategy during last year’s sale, I realize now I didn’t really have one, which was a HUGE mistake on my part. So, I’m sharing all the mistakes I made so you know how to prep for the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

First and foremost, make a wish list. The mistake I made last year was I shopped the sale sporadically throughout Early Access and my downfall was waiting too long to checkout. Everything would sell out so quickly! Nordstrom has released their catalog with a preview of the items that will be on sale that you can view here.

How to prep for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I remember being at the beach on vacation, religiously refreshing the product page for a pair of AG Jeans in hopes it was restocked in my size. I was glued to my computer and after a few days, I snagged a pair.

Also, I was not prepared financially. There’s really nothing more daunting then hitting the checkout page and seeing the subtotal and not immediately think, there’s no way I can spend this much money at one time.

But that’s not going to be the case this year.

This time around, I’ve been putting away a little money after each paycheck. And I’m holding off any shopping trips anywhere until then. I think my other mistake last year was not just taking the plunge and scooping up every thing I wanted at once. Nordstrom has free shipping and returns so if I see something I like, I’m not going to hesitate and snag it before it sells out. And you shouldn’t either! As I’ve experienced it so many other times before, returns with Nordstrom are SO easy.

How to prep for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Mark Your Calendar!
Thursday, July 12th– Early Access starts for card members
Thursday, July 19th– Last day for Early Access!
Friday, July 20th– The sale is open to the public.
Sunday, August 5th– Last day of the sale. Prices go back to full-price the next day.

Remember to check back here next week for my Early Access Nordstrom must-haves!