1. Lora

    Thank you for link about Alina’s story. I’ve followed C&C for years, but have been frustrated at Emily’s refusal to address the firing with her readers. We were all expected to draw our own conclusions. Sounds like Alina is better off, and I wish her all the best.

    1. Abra

      I agree she should address it. You encouraged someone to take an interest in your contributor and then you 86’ed her. But I agree with the Jezebel commenter, it isn’t just about whether the work gets done. If your boss expects you to be in the office, than be in the damn office, or you’re going to get fired. Now, was the situation handled appropriately, I think not. But my boss expected us in the office 9-6, every day, even during recess, even when he wasn’t there, and as much as it sucked, it was the job we signed up for, so we did it. She has no right to say, “Yeah, we skipped out on our boss’s expectations, but we got the work done, so who cares if we broke the rules?” I think there is unprofessional behavior on both sides.

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