1. Kendra

    Kara, I seem to also buy myself stuff around the holiday season! I also loved that low-key reference to Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages (that’s a really great book; and if you’re into relationship books you should try John Gray’s series Men are From Mars Women Are From Venus – they’re the holy grail to relationships). Anyways went off on a little tangent there, I was building my own holiday wish list and came across your post here – Glossier’s Haloscope products is definitely a “gimme gimme gimme” bummer I missed that sale. lol

    But considering we have similar taste in beauty products (I see Benefits Mascara in a few of your other photos) I thought you might love this post:

    Also, do you do any guest posting? Keep up the good work! All us beauty junkies rely on it 🙂

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