1. This is 27: Birthday Makeup Picks - Politics of Pretty

    […] shadow stick is and it lasted the entire day without creasing. I’ve been on a blue mascara kick (read my earlier post) but I decided to opt for a more classic eye look and coat my lashes in Benefit Roller Lash for […]

  2. Rihanna f2h

    Its the first time am able to find a perfect way for applying coloured mascara.
    Else, it has always been a problem for me.
    Thank you for sharing this post. 🙂

  3. Jim Inama

    Hello Kara,

    Love your site and blogs and wanted to see if you would be receptive to testing some of our facial and body buffs? If you like them we can discuss giveaways or sponsored posts. Want to do everything possible to amplify the ViaBuff brand.

    Our facial and body buffs are covered by a US patent and they are dermatologist tested.

    What makes us unique from all the other low priced products out on the market is we use open cell polyurethane foam which is naturally antifungal, antibacterial and allergen free. They are machine washable and very durable. I have estheticians that have washed theirs over 20 times in the past year. We provide 5 colors and intensities of foam so you can match the right color to the users skin type. Purple and blue are gentle and seem to work well on acne and psoriasis, green is mild for eczema, pink is moderate for keratosis pilaris, waxing and ingrown hairs and white is clinical for the real rough dry skin. There is a 19” arched handle available for users with lack of mobility to exfoliate the hard to get areas of the body.

    Please check out our site for additional info and if you have a moment please read some of our skin care blogs.

    Look forward to your response and the opportunity to ship some of our buffs to you.

    Thank you

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