1. Amy Orvin

    I’d love to try the bombshell mascara. Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. Kristen White

    This is such a neat giveaway. I love Covergirl and would love to try their new products. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Jessie C.

    Great tutorial video, thanks for sharing.

  4. grace o.

    This would be so helpful to redo my makeup collection! I definitely am in need of an update. Crossing my fingers!

  5. Megan

    Love to hear about drugstore makeup options that work! Thanks!

  6. Cali Webs

    Wow, gorgeous eyeshadow 🙂

  7. Vunda V

    i want to try their chocolate intensity liner!

  8. D Schmidt

    I would most like to try the Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara in very black because I have fine lashes and this would really make them pop!

  9. SD

    Yes, such a great video; simple and effective

  10. Wild Orchid

    I loved your video!! I would love to try that shine eyeshadow.
    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  11. Lindsay // Belle Belle Beauty

    I agree! It is so gosh darn hard but you did a FAB job 🙂

  12. Elena

    Nice video! Thank you for the giveaway!

  13. Rachel

    I need to try that mascara!

  14. Ling

    Good job!

  15. Heather Hayes Panjon

    I’d Love To Try The COVERGIRL Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara!

  16. Mary Happymommy (@mami2jcn)

    The mascara is great!

  17. Jean

    I just got the mascara and I love it! I would like to try the Intensity liner next.

  18. Tanya

    I love to mix drugstore makeup in with my dept store stuff.

  19. rayray cartucci

    Thanks so much! I need some new makeup

  20. Lisa Brown

    thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  21. cpresto

    I’d love to try more of Covergirl’s products, and $100 extra dollars to do so would really spur me to! Hope I win, thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Laura Sparks (@LauraSarge)

    Love this giveaway and would like to try Covergirl makeup 🙂

  23. Autumn Rose

    So sparkly and cute … perfect for a quick Valentine’s Day date after a long day at work next week! I actually LOVE the Covergirl mousse foundation, and I’m just running out… 😉

  24. Lisa

    I love the you would also like segment at the bottom… great recommendations and it’s totally affordable to try out new looks with new drugstore products. Great tips.

  25. karlaswanson

    Love the video! I’ll have to try that Bombshell mascara!

  26. Becca (@BeccaWestfield)

    You so purty

  27. latanya

    You look great!

  28. Julie

    thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  29. pinkghosta

    i would love to try the mascara
    amanda hoffman on rafflecopter

  30. susitravl

    Can’t wait to try the mascara!

  31. Tabathia B

    I like the bombshell liner in black

  32. Cassandra Eastman

    The Bombshell collection looks really great, i’d love to try the ShineShadow in ice queen!

  33. HK

    It’s always nice to see a simple tutorial that can be done in a minute!

  34. amber

    Want to try the mascara in this collection b/c I have small deep set eyes and this might make them stand out

  35. Colleen Boudreau

    Thank you!! 🙂

  36. Adelynn Lovellette

    Yay, thank you!

  37. Starla Bates

    You are so pretty! Lovely look. I really want to try the mascara!

  38. Crystal W

    The Bombshell collection looks great, I definitely need to try the liner pen!

  39. livivua

    i like the new line

  40. maleficent m

    i would really like to try rhe bombshell mascara.

  41. Katy

    I’ve heard about the Bombshell line and it sounds great! I’m just starting to build up my makeup collection so this would help me a lot.

  42. Nataly Carbonell

    Love that look, can’t wait to recreate it♥

  43. Nora W. (@GGismylife1)

    Oh my god I would love to win this

  44. Lauren O.

    Awesome giveaway! I often prefer drugstore products, especially mascara, over some high end products.

  45. ANn

    I love covergirl

  46. Carolsue

    Thank you for a great giveaway. I have used Covergirl products for as long as I can remember!

  47. Ashley C

    This sounds like a great product, can’t wait to try their mascara!


  48. ashleyhewell

    I’d like to try the eyeliner.

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